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New babies!!

See the new baby chick hatched today! That is not its “real” mother but just one of the hens that sat on the batch of eggs. Four total hatched today (so far)!!

Baby chicks 1

Baby chicks 2

baby chicks 3

Chickens and yogurt

Did you know that chickens like yogurt? I was reading about “chicken snacks” on some site (yes, really) and read that they like yogurt. So, we tried it. I think this is Greek yogurt with strawberries. They were a little hesitant to try it at first (I think it was the container that worried them) but loved it once they did. Check out the yogurt on the chicken’s beak!!


Chicken Wrangler

These are four, relatively new, Barred Rocks that have been recently moved to the big coop. Unfortunately, it is taking them a while to figure out how and when to go in at night. Here is Erin carrying all four at once to the coop!


Serious Poultry

Wow!! Just picked up our turkeys from being processed. So, there are now seven jumbo (a couple are EXTRA-jumbo) guys in the freezer. YUM!! We have some serious poultry – all home grown. 🙂.

New chicks

Here are some pictures of our new baby chicks. They are about 2-3 days old here. The black ones with the dot on their head are Barred Rocks. The rest are Erin’s Bantams and will be little even when grown! She got Silkies and Frizzles this time. Can’t wait to see what they look like when they get big…


One of the Silkies. I love the serious look on its face.


One of the Frizzles. I think the ones Erin ordered will be reddish when grown.


Note: We got our baby TURKEYS last night!! Will post pictures of them next!.