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New babies!!

See the new baby chick hatched today! That is not its “real” mother but just one of the hens that sat on the batch of eggs. Four total hatched today (so far)!!

Baby chicks 1

Baby chicks 2

baby chicks 3

Escaped snake-updated

We found out yesterday evening that one of our snakes has escaped from its aquarium!! Actually, both got out but Kathryn found one right next to its house and put it back. But one is still missing! Fortunately, it is a corn snake and can’t hurt us but it is a little creepy!!! Of course, my room is the closest to where its house was. Hope he doesn’t decide to come snuggle up with me!

Yeah! Found the snake this morning. It was curled up in the bottom of the guest room shower. Gave Chuck a little bit of a surprise when he opened the shower curtain this morning. Better him than me!! 🙂 The snake is now safely back in his home. Whew!.

Chickens and yogurt

Did you know that chickens like yogurt? I was reading about “chicken snacks” on some site (yes, really) and read that they like yogurt. So, we tried it. I think this is Greek yogurt with strawberries. They were a little hesitant to try it at first (I think it was the container that worried them) but loved it once they did. Check out the yogurt on the chicken’s beak!!